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Van Halen tribute band, HALEN, is a culmination of years of guitar practice, public appearances, recording, celebrating and collecting Van Halen music and video that was released to the public and more that was NOT released to the public.  Chris Gossett and Russo Jeanneret are kindred spirits whose passion for all things Van Halen are virtually unsurpassed by other fanatics. 

Currently this duo plays together with backing tracks of bass and drums and trade off on lead vocals, sharing background vocals, while occasionally utilizing backing tracks that are equipped with the original vocals.  This is not the ultimate intention of the band to remain a duo but expanding into a full group of four members with drummer and bassist being decided upon as you read this.... 

Both Chris and Russo are equally appreciative of all eras of Van Halen.  Whether it is David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar or Gary Cherone who are fronting the fantastic band there is plenty to enjoy.  It is a shared opinion that no singer changed the musical direction of the band at any time.  Edward Van Halen changed it as he saw fit to, when he did, without the behest of any other individual, save the brother drummer phenom, Alex Van Halen.  All that one has to do to arrive at this conclusion is to listen to the music Edward either was making alone or with other musical talent outside the band. 





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